Alternative Careers for Lawyers

Air Traffic Control Officer

Might sound a little out of leftfield, but they are looking for attention to detail.

Sound familiar?

And salaries can be pretty good.

Does what it says on the box, although there are also various support and technical roles within the NATS scope.

NATS runs the 'College of Air Traffic Control' near Bournemouth.

To become an Aerodrome Controller takes a minimum of 6 months, an Area Controller takes over 12 months.

There follows a period of 'validation training' at your posting.

Control Towers to Area Control Centres, Approach Controllers to Aerodrome Controllers...

Thorough medical examinations every 2 years, yearly for over 40's.

Glasses/contact lens are ok, provided within certain limits.

See the NATS website for details of open days.

They have been recruiting heavily in recent years, advertising salaries of up to £85,000.

National Air Traffic Services Ltd, (NATS)
5th Floor, Brettenham House South
Lancaster Place
Tel: 020 7309 8666