Alternative Careers for Lawyers

Financial PR

The purpose of Financial PR is to present the affairs of companies (listed entities or those intent on floating) in the best possible light to the financial media.

This includes forging and maintaining relationships with opinion formers in the media, providing accurate information to them, and helping to craft press releases and announcements from companies to ensure that the right messages are being communicated.

It is clearly important that the messages are consistent with those being shared with shareholders and financial analysts, leading to strong links between Financial PR and Investor Relations professionals.

The routes into Financial PR are two-fold: either working "in-house" for a company that wants to manage its financial reputation or working for a consultancy that helps companies to do so.

Corporate lawyers are often well suited to these roles given their understanding of public company structures, compliances and shareholder obligations and also as a result of their ability to draft nuanced prose.

Also, see 'Corporate Affairs' and 'Investor Relations'.