Alternative Careers for Lawyers

Post Maternity

Many women lawyers do not return to private practice after having children. This can be for a number of reasons. For some, it might have always been part of the plan to be a stay at home mother. Others, however, may feel they have little alternative: part-time work, job sharing or home-working may not be realistic options, and many do not relish the prospect of going back to work full time with its unpredictable hours and demanding clients that make it incompatible with raising a family.

Of course, there are alternative careers that do not involve a complete sea change. Many working mothers shift focus and become Professional Support Lawyers or work for the business side of a practice including areas such as compliance, conflicts or community relations. Non fee-earning roles such as these benefit from fixed hours and are more conducive to flexible working and consequently a better work/life balance. Teaching law is also an attractive option for those who wish to benefit from shorter hours and longer holidays.

Some lawyers may decide to have a career break in order to bring up their children. After a few years they may yearn to return to some sort of activity, but not a return to law in a million years. It can be hard under the constrictions of a very specific qualification and the time had away from working life to break into another field, and many women find new-found entrepreneurial skills through necessity. Whatever the decision, most women will feel out of touch with the workplace and may lack the confidence to launch straight back into a career without some assistance. A career coach can really help with this.