Alternative Careers for Lawyers

Publishing (Legal)

There is a very broad range of specialist legal publications, hard copy and online, aimed at everyone from practising lawyers (both private practice and in-house) to potential clients to students; they include weekly news and glossier monthly magazines covering law firm business (management and strategic; markets trends; law firm finances; hires and fires); magazines or bulletins focused on technical / know-how / regulatory / compliance; market research / directories (reporting on law firm/chambers capabilities such as 'The Legal 500' and 'Chambers'); and knowledge / practice manuals and court reports.

With the publishing houses typically structured by editorial, sales and marketing, and design/production, a former lawyer offers most on the editorial side, as a journalist (news/features), editorial researcher, editor, or editorial director/project manager.

The key skills needed will suit most lawyers - an eye for detail, linguistic and analytical aptitude, ability to manage deadlines, and good interpersonal skills for contact building and relationship management.

There can be plenty of stress around deadlines and the salary differential will come as a shock to some, but there are excellent prospects of redressing the work-life balance thanks to a comfortable working environment and generally predictable and acceptable hours.

Also, see 'Publishing (General)'.