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Emily Lewis

Legal Recruitment

Emily Lewis

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Linklaters, Solicitor, London

New Career(s)

Legal Recruitment


Career Change Story

I enjoyed Linklaters but I didn't think it was for me longterm.

The hours were long, there was not enough client contact and I wasn't really that interested in the work.

I felt there must be a job out there that suited me better and that was more fun and people focused.

After meeting somebody at a BBQ who had made the transition from a City firm to legal recruitment and who loved her new job, I decided to look into it.

I liked the idea of working with people in a job that is all about relationship building and where there is a direct relationship between the work you put in and what you get out.

I interviewed with several leading legal recruitment consultancies and joined ZMB (pre Hays).

10 years on I am running my own legal recruitment business in Hong Kong and I still love the job - even more so now with the added dimension of running the business side of things.

Career Change Reflections

I have always enjoyed legal recruitment - it combines an understanding of how law firms work and the legal profession, people skills, working in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment and good rewards/salary for the work you put in.

It also allows much more control over your hours and you can achieve a good work/life balance.

If you feel that law isn't quite right for you and is not making you happy then follow your gut instinct and explore other options that you have a genuine interest in.

Legal training is a great platform and discipline from which to pursue other career options and there are plenty of alternatives out there.

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