Lawyer Career Changer Profile

Jonny Goldstone

M&A Lawyer to Own Car Hire Business

Legal Career

Clifford Chance, Solicitor, M&A, The City

New Career(s)

Starting a business

Career Change Story

Discover a way of spending my time that would be more satisfying and rewarding. I took the "blank page" approach, listed what I liked doing then started testing the water. Shortly into my first pursuit - photography - the opportunity arose to set up greentomatocars. The business plan for greentomato was a fantastic, and I was independent so could afford to risk my time and money in launching a start up.

Career Change Reflections

There's no comparison - if being creative and being your own boss is what makes you tick, then being your own boss is what you have to do! Many people will not discover this until they give it a go - but by taking the chance before you get stuck with a mortgage, kids etc, it's a much less risky decision.

Contact Details

Location: London and SE
Tel: 02085680022