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What are your career options as a lawyer?

One of the main things my career coaching clients are struggling with when they first get in touch is identifying career options. I hear: What options do I have? What options would suit me best? What options are realistic? Identifying and exploring options fully can take some time. It’s a process my clients and I…

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Is MONEY The Thing That’s Stopping You From Changing Your Career?

Why your financial situation often isn’t the insurmountable barrier to change you think it is In my experience working with unhappy lawyers, money is one of the main reasons they feel stuck in their careers and unable to make a change. Even when they are confronted with clear evidence that a change is necessary –…

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Why Field Research Is Critical to Making a Career Move

This post first appeared on the Law Society blog. One of the most effective activities when considering a career change is to gather information by speaking with a range of people. This may seem obvious but, in my experience, it’s seldom done to any great extent. In this article, I will explain why getting away…

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5 Myths Preventing You From Making a Career Move

How changing your thinking can be the key to finding a more fulfilling career I’ve been working as a career coach to lawyers for over a decade and, in that time, I’ve come across the same myths about moving within law or away from it time and again. To be honest, when I was working…

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Why Ditching Your CV Will Help Your Career Move Efforts

When I speak with lawyers who are starting to explore a career move (whether a small pivot or wholesale career change), they have a tendency to rely too heavily on their CV. In this post, I will explain why using your CV when you’re investigating a career move is likely to hold you back. Instead,…

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Why Analytical Thinking Can Stall Your Career Change

In this article, I will explain why a propensity for analytical thinking can stall your career change exploration. Yet, there is a way to oil the wheels and make progress if you work on expanding your thinking. The Limitations of Analytical Thinking Like most professionals, us lawyers are used to engaging our left brain to…

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10 Tips To Jump-Start a Career Change For Lawyers

A career in law is seen by many in society to be an aspirational one. Universities and law schools are often oversubscribed for legal qualifications, and competition to secure training contracts and pupillages is intense. But having fought off stiff competition and landed what for many might be seen as a “dream job”, are you…

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Why Your Transferable Skills As A Lawyer Aren’t As Important As You Think

And why your CV isn’t doing you any favours in landing a new career When I speak with lawyers who are contemplating a career change, many of them tell me they have been searching for something that will suit the skills they have developed through studying and practising as a lawyer. They are also searching…

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Brainstorming Techniques to Unlock A Second Career for Lawyers

Why your lawyer brain makes thinking about changing careers tough, and a great way to overcome it Some of the traits that make you a good (but perhaps unfulfilled) lawyer are also those that make it hard for you to see how you can make a successful career change. It’s a Brain Thing Many lawyers…

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Is Being Risk-Averse Keeping You Stuck In Your Legal Career?

How to overcome one of the biggest blockers to career change for lawyers Risk. As lawyers, it’s something we talk to clients and colleagues about regularly: “How do we minimise the risk of..?” or “What are the risks involved with doing..?” Assessing risk is also part of human nature. The reason we have survived and…

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