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Why Analytical Thinking Can Stall Your Career Change

In this article, I will explain why a propensity for analytical thinking can stall your career change exploration. Yet, there is a way to oil the wheels and make progress if you work on expanding your thinking. The Limitations of Analytical Thinking Like most professionals, us lawyers are used to engaging our left brain to…

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10 Tips To Jump-Start a Career Change For Lawyers

A career in law is seen by many in society to be an aspirational one. Universities and law schools are often oversubscribed for legal qualifications, and competition to secure training contracts and pupillages is intense. But having fought off stiff competition and landed what for many might be seen as a “dream job”, are you…

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Why Your Transferable Skills As A Lawyer Aren’t As Important As You Think

And why your CV isn’t doing you any favours in landing a new career When I speak with lawyers who are contemplating a career change, many of them tell me they have been searching for something that will suit the skills they have developed through studying and practising as a lawyer. They are also searching…

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Brainstorming Techniques to Unlock A Second Career for Lawyers

Why your lawyer brain makes thinking about changing careers tough, and a great way to overcome it Some of the traits that make you a good (but perhaps unfulfilled) lawyer are also those that make it hard for you to see how you can make a successful career change. It’s a Brain Thing Many lawyers…

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Is Being Risk-Averse Keeping You Stuck In Your Legal Career?

How to overcome one of the biggest blockers to career change for lawyers Risk. As lawyers, it’s something we talk to clients and colleagues about regularly: “How do we minimise the risk of..?” or “What are the risks involved with doing..?” Assessing risk is also part of human nature. The reason we have survived and…

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How to Overcome Fear of Career Change for Lawyers

A look at why you have it and some practical advice to deal with it As lawyers, we strive for certainty and go to great lengths to mitigate against risk. It’s no wonder, then, that many lawyers have a real fear when it comes to the uncertainties and risks associated with making a career change…

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Quitting the Law [A 6 Step Process]

A roadmap for turning your “big decision” into a “big success” I often speak with lawyers who tell me they have made a big decision: that they have decided that they need a change in their career. And then they tell me that they are now paralysed by not knowing what on earth to do…

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Why Being a Lawyer Can Seriously Damage Your Health

The legal profession ranks among the worst for wellbeing and health issues Did you know there is a charity that exclusively supports lawyers suffering from mental health and wellbeing issues? The fact that such a service exists at all is rather telling. Now in its 24th year, LawCare is an independent charity with a small…

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How To Become a Consultant Lawyer – An Essential Guide

What it is, why it might (and might not) suit you and how to go about making the change The consultancy model for lawyers is one that has been growing rapidly over the past decade. Fundamentally, it means acting as a self-employed lawyer either as an individual or via a wholly-owned service company. You might…

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Is your Success as a Lawyer Making you Unhappy?

How to avoid your talent blocking your much-needed career change. The vast majority of successful lawyers are quite unfamiliar with feeling like a failure. The law is such a competitive field that anyone who has established themselves as a qualified lawyer has already had to “win” at many things. They sailed through school and college,…

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