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Quitting the Law [A 6 Step Process]

A roadmap for turning your “big decision” into a “big success” I often speak with lawyers who tell me they have made a big decision: that they have decided that they need a change in their career. And then they tell me that they are now paralysed by not knowing what on earth to do…

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Why Being a Lawyer Can Seriously Damage Your Health

The legal profession ranks among the worst for wellbeing and health issues Did you know there is a charity that exclusively supports lawyers suffering from mental health and wellbeing issues? The fact that such a service exists at all is rather telling. Now in its 24th year, LawCare is an independent charity with a small…

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Is your Success as a Lawyer Making you Unhappy?

How to avoid your talent blocking your much-needed career change. The vast majority of successful lawyers are quite unfamiliar with feeling like a failure. The law is such a competitive field that anyone who has established themselves as a qualified lawyer has already had to “win” at many things. They sailed through school and college,…

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Portfolio Careers for Lawyers – An Essential Guide

What is a portfolio career, and why it might be a great solution for jaded lawyers thinking about a career transition There’s no doubt the world of work has changed for almost everyone since the global COVID-19 pandemic. Not being tied to the daily commute to the office, working from home, and using technology to…

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Leaving the Law – 5 Reasons Lawyers Think They’re Not Ready

And some advice on what to do if any of them sound familiar to you In over a decade as a career coach to lawyers, I’ve met only a handful of clients whose circumstances were so specific that they really were prevented from leaving the law at that point in time. Yet, almost every other…

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Why Unhappy Lawyers Need To Stop Chasing Their “Dream Job”

How the pursuit of ‘passions’ and ‘dreams’ actually stops lawyers from successfully changing careers. “Find your passion and you’ll never work a day in your life” or some variation on the theme is responsible for far more unhappiness than success. Talk of following desires, of passions, of dream jobs, is often well-meant, but it’s just…

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Is It Finally Time for a Career Change from Law?

Are you a lawyer climbing a career ladder against the wrong wall? If so, you’re far from alone. There are many other outwardly “successful” lawyers who are unhappy with – and unfulfilled by – their chosen career. This causes a lot of head-scratching, soul-searching and anguish because you should be feeling very good about things,…

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Could Becoming a Professional Support Lawyer Be Your Ideal Next Move?

Why this often-overlooked role can be a great fit for disillusioned lawyers The role of Professional Support Lawyer was first developed by City firms in the 1990s. PSLs (also known variously as Professional Development Lawyers, Knowledge Management Lawyers, and many other variations on the theme) were used to create and update the firms’ standard forms…

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How To Become a Consultant Lawyer – An Essential Guide

What it is, why it might (and might not) suit you and how to go about making the change The consultancy model for lawyers is one that has been growing rapidly over the past decade. Fundamentally, it means acting as a self-employed lawyer either as an individual or via a wholly-owned service company. You might…

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Why Are SO Many Lawyers Unhappy?

The reasons behind those negative work surveys There’s no doubt that many find a career in the law to be exciting, stimulating, challenging, and ultimately fulfilling. But in survey after survey (such as those commissioned by The Law Society Junior Lawyers Division and the Health & Safety Executive) lawyers keep ranking near the top in…

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