Lawyer Interviews

Here you will find articles settings out essential guidance on interview prep and performance.

A strong interview is often the only thing missing for many candidates and can transform your job search campaign and career trajectory.

The Importance of Non-Verbal Communication at Interviews

Experts claim our body language makes up around 60% of how we communicate. It is not surprising then that body language is a huge part of the impression you will make on an interviewer. Most candidates will prepare and practice their answers to help with their verbal communication. Yet, few seem to prepare for their…

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Using The CAR Framework In Competency Interviews

Interviews for legal positions will typically include some form of competency element. It’s critical to your success that you know how to prepare for, and answer, competency questions. A competency question is commonly known as a question which asks for an example of when you utilised a specific competency. They usually start with something like:…

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What Questions Should You Ask At Law Interviews?

In my experience, many lawyers are unsure about the part of an interview where the interviewer gives them an opportunity to ask questions. In this article, I will explain the importance of asking questions at interview and how to go about it. The Importance of Asking Good Questions Being invited to ask questions is a…

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Dealing with those Dreaded Interview Nerves

Experiencing nerves about a job interview is normal. The majority of my interview coaching clients will display some form of nerves when I put them in a practice interview situation. In this article, I will explain why it’s important to control your nerves and how to go about it. The Importance of Controlling Your Nerves…

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Never Script Your Answers For Law Interview Questions

I strongly advise against scripting your answers when preparing for a job interview. I know the temptation for many lawyers. Write out a series of long-form answers to specific interview questions that you predict might be asked. Then rehearse them and attempt to memorise them word for word. Having put many lawyers through interviews over…

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