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How Long Should Your Law CV Be?

One of the most common questions I get asked is how long a CV for legal positions should be. It’s understandable there’s confusion around this. If you search online for CV advice you will find lots of conflicting advice. My rule is this: a CV should be two pages, subject to some VERY limited exceptions.…

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Dealing with those Dreaded Interview Nerves

Experiencing nerves about a job interview is normal. The majority of my interview coaching clients will display some form of nerves when I put them in a practice interview situation. In this article, I will explain why it’s important to control your nerves and how to go about it. The Importance of Controlling Your Nerves…

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How to Avoid Law CV Cliches?

There are few things that make a worse first impression on a recruiter than a CV containing CV cliches. As well as creating a poor impression it might be hard to recover from, you also run the risk that your CV lacks substance and evidential impact. These factors will most likely to lead your CV…

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Never Script Your Answers For Law Interview Questions

I strongly advise against scripting your answers when preparing for a job interview. I know the temptation for many lawyers. Write out a series of long-form answers to specific interview questions that you predict might be asked. Then rehearse them and attempt to memorise them word for word. Having put many lawyers through interviews over…

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A Tip for Beating Job Search Procrastination

Most of us experience procrastination in some form or another. It’s that feeling of being stuck and finding yourself doing other things over making meaningful progress in areas that are important to you. Unfortunately, when it comes to our job search activities our levels of procrastination can reach new highs. In this article, I will…

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