Lawyer Career Changer Profile


Charities, NGOs and not-for-profit

Legal Career

Kingsley Napley, Trainee Solicitor - Criminal and Immigration, London

New Career(s)

Charities, NGOs and not-for-profit

Career Change Story

I now work in international development - campaigning and policy. I started with an internship, followed by a paid internship followed by a job as a Campaigns Officer. It took two years and was a hard slog - and still is.

I did it because I believe in it, because I want to get out of bed each day and think there is a point to my life, because I hate time recording and because I saw what law did to people.

Career Change Reflections

I love it - but it's hard and doesn't pay very much. I believe in it though and that makes all the difference. I feel like my life now has a point, other than making rich people richer.