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Peter Armistead


Peter Armistead

Legal Career

Barlow Lyde and Gilbert, Solicitor, London

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Career Change Story

I am now a Property Developer, Investor, Entrepreneur. I wanted to "do business" and be the client. I enjoyed the law but didn't love the lifestyle. Also it's massively hard work for not much money compared to the returns which are possible for running your own business. Basically i wanted a lot more then the law had to offer me...more challenges, more freedom, more responsibility, more money.

Career Change Reflections

Don't expect it all to be a positive experience. I do miss various aspects of the law but ive got a very strong entrepreneurial side and the law couldnt satisfy this for me. My working hours are far less and the money and satisfaction is far greater than before but the high level stress is far greater. Before, the stress was all about getting the right advice given quickly, now the stress is focused on decisions that could potentially make or break the buisness.

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Address: Manchester
Tel:0161 850 5588