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City, Solicitor, London

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Career Change Story

I left law at 4 years PQE to start a medical degree for graduates!

It is 4 years instead of 5, although that is still a long time to be on a student budget after getting used to a generous legal salary.

I spent a year weighing up all my legal options, considered alternatives within law and then the possibility of working abroad.

Ultimately I knew that none of these career paths would deal with the deep-seated desire I had to do something that mattered to me.

Career Change Reflections

I am extremely happy.

It is the best decision I ever made and I would urge anyone thinking about such a change to grab the opportunity.

I have a spring in my step now, each day I feel happier in what I do.

Tips for making it happen:

  • break your next move into small stages and it becomes achievable
  • have a backup plan, if the ultimate alternative doesn't come off it doesn't mean you have to stay in a job you no longer want or enjoy
  • save!