Use this Editor to Improve Your Law CV Writing


Your CV may be failing you for various reasons.

For example, it makes a poor first impression because it’s too lengthy. Or your work experience reads like a generic job description and sounds like other candidates’ experience.

Commonly, however, it fails because it’s not written as well as it could be.

To help my CV Relaunch clients with this, I recommend a free writing tool called the Hemingway Editor. Like a real-world editor, it’s invaluable for picking up on aspects of your writing that reduce its quality.

What is the Hemingway Editor?

You can find the tool here:

This is what it sells itself as:

The Hemingway Editor cuts the dead weight from your writing…Hemingway helps you write with power and clarity.”

How to Use It

It’s super simple to use.

You copy and paste the text from your CV into it and it highlights the following issues in your writing:

  1. Lengthy, complex sentences that are hard to read and need editing into shorter ones
  2. Long or complicated words, for which there is a shorter or simpler alternative
  3. Use of adverbs – you should seek to replace these with stronger wording to add impact to your CV.
  4. Use of the passive voice – it is much better to use the active voice in your CV writing.

For more on 3 and 4 above, read: Critical CV Writing Techniques For Lawyers

Recruiters Will Thank You!

I have seen this editor transform my clients’ writing, and not only in their CV’s. They have also enriched their covering letters and emails. All of these are important ingredients for a successful job search campaign.

Used over time, it will help you identify your bad writing habits and you will start to self-correct without it.

The better you write, the better you communicate. Those who review your applications will be thankful – and impressed!

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Matt Oliver

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