Alternative Careers for Lawyers

Army Legal Services

The Army takes qualified solicitors and barristers as their 'in-house' legal advisors in peacetime and on operations and commissions them as Officers.

Whilst all the armed forces are self-reliant in terms of legal services, by contrast to the Army's recruitment of outside professionals, the Royal Navy sponsors their experienced existing personnel through legal training.

The Army Legal Services (ALS) remit includes legal advice to the Army chain of command, legal training for the Army on operations and operational legal support in theatre, Army prosecutors for the Tri-Service Prosecuting Authority, and a personal legal advice service for soldiers and their families.

Clients can therefore be senior generals to private soldiers; work can be the prosecution of serious criminal cases at courts-martial, to deploying as legal advisors with combat forces on operations worldwide.

A major selling point is the lifestyle on offer, encompassing travel, postings abroad, training, sport and adventure.

Any talk of 'targets', is more likely to do with a rifle range than a reference to billing.

They will be looking not only for the academics, but fitness and leadership qualities too.

Good career promotion and benefits are touted, as well as regular movement between jobs/postings (every 2 years). There are currently around 125 Officers in the ALS.

The RAF have advertised for solicitors and barristers via their own careers website, see below.