Executive Coaching For Lawyers

Developing Personal, Leadership & Management Capabilities

Fulfilling Potential

Executive coaching helps to unlock potential, increase performance and achieve better results in your work. An essential part of personal and professional development.

Achieving Better Results

High achievers don't need help achieving but they can always achieve more. Working with an executive coach will help focus on achievement and maximise results.

Improving as a Leader

Leaders often walk a solitary path so coaching is an invaluable source of support. Working with a coach helps leaders push themselves & develop their leadership style.

Executive Coaching for Lawyers


- Matt Oliver. Founder & Senior Coach, Law Career Plus

I am a specialist in executive coaching for lawyers. I have 25+ years experience in the legal profession, including coaching lawyers at all levels to partner & GC.

I understand my clients' world & I talk the same language. This gives me a unique perspective from which to coach.

My coaching is designed to help lawyers achieve their goals more quickly & effectively than they would on their own.


"Throughout my career as a lawyer I have worked with a number of executive coaches. When I engaged Matt as my coach the true power of coaching was really unlocked for me. As a personal and professional development tool, I found Matt’s coaching the most effective process in my 20 plus years in the law. Highly recommended.” 


Former DWF Lawyer

"Matt’s approach has unlocked my thoughts on a range of issues which are important to the role. Together we have explored areas which I knew needed attention, and which were taking me out of my comfort zone, and areas where I was confident but have been able to develop."


Partner at Irwin Mitchell

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