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Essential Guide to Lawyer CV’s

There follows some guidance on best practice for drafting a legal CV, increasing its impact and presenting a powerful personal brand. Page 1 It’s critically important to consider and plan the impact of the first page of your CV, in particular, the first half page. Many recruiters will draw their conclusion having read the first…

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LinkedIn Profile Advice for Lawyers

Here you will find our essential guide to building a strong LinkedIn profile. Your online presence is arguably more important than your CV nowadays so it’s paramount you get this right. Linkedin is a critical part of your personal brand, your networking efforts and your ongoing career management. The first thing to consider is what…

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The Importance of Non-Verbal Communication at Interviews

Experts claim our body language makes up around 60% of how we communicate. It is not surprising then that body language is a huge part of the impression you will make on an interviewer. Most candidates will prepare and practice their answers to help with their verbal communication. Yet, few seem to prepare for their…

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Use this Editor to Improve Your Law CV Writing

Your CV may be failing you for various reasons. For example, it makes a poor first impression because it’s too lengthy. Or your work experience reads like a generic job description and sounds like other candidates’ experience. Commonly, however, it fails because it’s not written as well as it could be. To help my CV…

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The Risks of Using Law CV Templates

Using a CV template you find online, in a book or elsewhere is extremely risky. It will most likely result in your CV ending up on the “No” pile. In this article, I will explain why you should avoid using a CV template, why you may nonetheless be tempted to and what you should do…

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A Tool to Ensure Perfect Grammar & Spelling in Your Law CV

I have to admit, my grammar and spelling are not always the best – a combination of my schooling and my laziness around that time. Whilst it hasn’t stopped me from succeeding as a lawyer and coach, I do have to be extra vigilant when it comes to writing a formal piece, such as a…

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Critical CV Writing Techniques For Lawyers

I read a lot of legal CV’s from a wide variety of lawyers. Surprisingly often, the quality of writing leaves a lot to be desired. Even those written relatively well often reveal some poor writing techniques. Common bad habits include a failure to use plain English, the inclusion of worthless adjectives and adverbs, and the…

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Using The CAR Framework In Competency Interviews

Interviews for legal positions will typically include some form of competency element. It’s critical to your success that you know how to prepare for, and answer, competency questions. A competency question is commonly known as a question which asks for an example of when you utilised a specific competency. They usually start with something like:…

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Should You Mention References on your CV?

Many of the CV’s sent to me by lawyers contain a mention of references. I always recommend they remove it. In this article, I will explain why I believe so many candidates add something about references, and why they should leave it off a CV. Why Candidates Mention References People include this information for two…

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What Questions Should You Ask At Law Interviews?

In my experience, many lawyers are unsure about the part of an interview where the interviewer gives them an opportunity to ask questions. In this article, I will explain the importance of asking questions at interview and how to go about it. The Importance of Asking Good Questions Being invited to ask questions is a…

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