Alternative Careers for Lawyers

Corporate Broking

Corporate brokers act as the interface between their corporate clients and the equity markets, offering advisory services to clients both on an ongoing and transactional basis.

Day-to-day relationships with clients are structured around providing regular advice, feedback and insight into the drivers of the equity markets both on a macro and stock-specific level.

Advice provided to clients will include developing the presentation of key investor messages, regular market feedback, investor targeting, equity dealing for corporate clients, compliance with UKLA and LSE regulations, shareholder register analysis and organising roadshows.

A corporate broker will also provide advice on a transactional and strategic basis such as M&A opportunities, competitive positioning, refinancing, board structure/remuneration, dividend policy, defence issues and capital structure.

Corporate brokers are specifically involved in equity fundraisings with advice covering the nature, structure, timing and marketability of transactions, selling the transaction to institutional investors, effective distribution and orderly after-market and UKLA and LSE liaison.

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