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Criminal Cases Review Commission

The Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) is an independent body charged with investigating alleged miscarriages of justice in England Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Commission assesses whether convictions or sentences should be referred to a court of appeal.

The core role at the CCRC is that of a case review manager, responsible for the investigation and review of a portfolio of cases and then making recommendations to Commissioners as to whether those cases should or should not be referred to the appropriate appeal court.

Legal qualification is not essential, although you have to show a good working knowledge of the criminal justice system.

They are looking for analytical ability, a non-judgemental approach, and the ability to communicate effectively and respectfully with applicants to the CCRC.

Based in Birmingham, the CCRC has a staff of around 100, half of whom are caseworkers.

There are 11 Commissioners, who make the decisions on referrals, and a Senior Management Team.

Criminal Cases Review Commission