Alternative Careers for Lawyers

HM Revenue & Customs

The HMRC Solicitor's Office is part of the Government Legal Department.

With 250 lawyers, HM Revenue & Customs has the second biggest legal department in Whitehall, behind the Treasury Solicitor's Department.

HMRC conducts a range of legal services, although much of the work is detecting and prosecuting those who do not pay their taxes, both on a personal and a business level, and also advising civil servants on setting and drafting tax law.

The wider implications of this pertain to public law, human rights, freedom of information, European law, criminal law, employment law, commercial law, and cross-jurisdiction co-operation and enforcement.

There is also a large litigation practice conducting often very high profile and high-value cases in courts ranging from Tax Tribunals through to the High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court to the European Court of Justice and European Court of Human Rights.

Also, see 'Government Legal Department' for recruitment contacts.