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Andy Smith

Corporate Broking

Legal Career

Ashurst, Solicitor, London

New Career(s)

Corporate Broking

Career Change Story

Although I enjoyed my time as a solicitor with Ashurst, I'd always wanted to be closer to the equity markets and to my clients on a day-to-day basis. Corporate broking therefore provided the perfect balance.

Shortly after qualifying as a solicitor with Ashurst, I had the opportunity to take a fifteen month secondment to the UK Listing Authority. Having completed my secondment, the transition to becoming a corporate broker was relatively straightforward. Having said this, having spent my entire working life in the law, the initial learning curve was very steep and highly challenging.

Career Change Reflections

Corporate broking is very different to life as a solicitor. The equity markets are very fluid and so being aware of the drivers of the markets at all times is essential. Client contact is also far more regular which provides the opportunity to build the long-term relationships on which corporate broking is based

My main tip for making the move is that you have to really enjoy the workings of the stock market and be prepared to develop an entirely new skill-set, even if this means taking a step down in terms of seniority.