Lawyer Career Changer Profile

Ben Fordham

Publican and Restaurateur

Legal Career

Linklaters, Solicitor, Tax, London

New Career(s)

Publican and Restaurateur

Career Change Story

I had always dreamt of starting a restaurant. However, it took a year living in Texas to show me what I could add to London's restaurant's scene. Fresh, simple, Mexican food and also healthy and reasonably priced food seemed to be sorely lacking from London's amazing range of restaurants. Cooking school in Mexico, finding our head chef Felipe, support from friends and family and a fair amount of hard work later we started Benito's Hat in July 2008.

Career Change Reflections

The work load, certainly in the early months, proved to be even heavier than that of a city lawyer. Also, the stress of having an entire business depend on you is something it is almost impossible to prepare for. However, the rewards of seeing something you have created start to succeed compensates for that 100 times over. I was not happy as a lawyer and I had a dream outside of the law that I went for. I don't look back for a minute but that's not to say I leap out of bed every day for work. Monday morning is still Monday morning but I understand a lot better now why I am going to work.

Contact Details

Address: Benito's Hat, 56 Goodge Street
Tel:020 7637 3732