Commercial Disputes Lawyer to Lecturer – Simon Price

Interview with former DLA Piper & DWF lawyer, Simon Price.

Can you briefly summarise your career as a lawyer.

During my time as a lawyer I specialised in commercial litigation for a range of corporate clients and I was fortunate to work for some excellent firms who gave me wonderful opportunities to learn and work with the best.

What are you now doing to earn a living?

I work with the next generation of lawyers at Lancashire Law School (part of UCLan) as a senior lecturer in employability & innovation.

What made you decide to change from practising as a lawyer?

I enjoyed my time as a lawyer, yet I always knew there would be another chapter in my career after being a lawyer and as my career developed it started to become clear that would involve transitioning into education as I was involved in a lot of training and coaching with lawyers, particularly in the non-technical areas of being a lawyer.

How did you decide on your current line of work?

In the last few years of being a lawyer I had already moved into move development & coaching work and had started to work with schools, colleges and universities so my next move was becoming clearer, but at that stage, I did not know I would move into academia.

What was the most difficult part of your career change?

Giving up a career I had worked so hard to succeed in.

How has your life changed now that you’ve changed career?

I have a lot more flexibility and autonomy and an opportunity to really make an impact of the next generation of lawyers.

What do you miss and what don’t you miss about being a lawyer?

I miss some of the people I worked with as they helped push me to be better. I don’t miss the very long hours, time sheets and end of year billing!

What advice would you give to any lawyers who are contemplating a career change?

Speak to someone you can trust, a friend, a coach and tell them how you feel and remember there is life after being a lawyer and although the transition can be difficult sometimes, it is your life and you need to decide how you want to spend every day. I didn’t stop being a lawyer because I hated it, I chose to stop being one because I wanted to push myself, use the skills I had developed to learn and grow and ultimately work with the next generation of lawyers.

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