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Ice A

Teaching Law

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City, Solicitor, London

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Teaching Law

Career Change Story

I now teach law. I stuck my name onto the 'in-house' list at a reecruitment firm, got a circular email. Applied because, why not. Went to the interview, told the recruitment consultant it wasn't for me. They offered me the job anyway and I thought, sod it!

Best thing I ever did. 9 years of unhappiness vanished instantly. Met my now wife 6 weeks later (I was suddenly a happy person, you see).

Career Change Reflections

PROS - creative, challenging but fulfilling, no time sheets. Less bullsh*t (still some, of course). Flexible working time and less hours (I get home to bath the baby 4 nights out of 5). NO TIME SHEETS!!!! Less pressure (still have deadlines, but not those 'if this document isn't perfect your whole career is finished' deadlines twice a day). Real, genuine job satisfaction. Oh, did I mention no time sheets!?

CONS - Less money (sorry, it's almost certainly the trade off). Uncertain career development (financial and professional). No one understanding what you do. Disrespect from former colleagues (actually, that's probably a pro). No corporate perks. Less work socialising.