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John Irvine


Legal Career

4, Paper Buildings, Barrister - criminal and civil, Temple

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Career Change Story

I am currently the Dean of Coventry Cathedral. I only became a committed Christian during my bar exams. That changed priorities and eventually felt a greater call. I left to do another degree with a view to ordiantion within the Church of England.

1. I explored a vocation with the Director of training in the diocese of Chichester.
2. My motives in making the move lay in seeking to obey a sense of God's calling.

Career Change Reflections

I still miss some of the close camaraderie of the Bar and the buzz of cross examination but have never regretted the decision to move on and, to my mind, serve a greater cause.

1. Take time. Don't rush.

2. Return in the holidays to earn some more to pay the tax bill!

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Address: Coventry Cathedral - Dean